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Should Peyton Manning Have Contacted the Indianapolis Colts for Info on the Seattle Seahawks?

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The Indianapolis Colts may have been able to help Peyton Manning in Super Bowl XLVIII.

Manning and the Denver Broncos got beaten up in the big game by the Seattle Seahawks. Nothing Manning tried seemed to work, and Seattle seemed unbeatable on both sides of the ball. The Colts were the only team in the NFL to defeat both Seattle and Denver this season, and may have had information that Manning could have used.

Not only did the Colts mark wins over both Super Bowl teams, they did so in convincing fashion. Indianapolis came out swinging against Denver, and took the win after holding off a late rally by Manning. Against Seattle, the Colts fell behind early, but used defensive prowess and quick scoring strikes to knock the eventual World Champions from the ranks of the undefeated.

Manning could have also got some help from former Indianapolis offensive coordinator Bruce Arians. Arians, who used to be Manning’s quarterback coach with the Colts, is now head coach of the Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals faced Seattle twice this season, splitting the series. Arizona was also the only team in the league this season to defeat Seattle at home.

Regardless of where the help would have came from, any information could have been beneficial for the Broncos. In the end, what looked to be a great match-up on paper, ended up becoming a lopsided route. If Manning had made a couple calls to current and former Colts, then perhaps the end result would have been different.

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  • Soldier

    Wouldn’t that be cheating?

  • Ivan

    I understand Seattle won ,but is it really possible to find out from other players Manning,s signals? If that really occurred as Sherman Stated on the Kimmel show that explains why the game was so lopsided in the score. In that case if what Sherman Say is true then the game was over before it started. From my observation as a nfl fan it seems to me that many in the nfl want manning not succeed or cannot handle he is as good as he is and even better after this season. I believe everyone is worried he will continue to break records. Second, no one respects or ever has the Denver Broncos and now manning because he is playing for the Broncos. In my mine two things about Sherman who continued to brag Seattle was worried about Manning because if they got help figuring out his signals that tells a lot about their fear, second they were not as confident as they let on that only occurred because they new Manning’s plays.

    • Jim Griggs

      No it isn’t cheating if the Seahawks know Denver’s play calls. It’s a result of “watching film.” Every team does it. Maybe you don’t understand that Seattle had the number 1 defense, and not marginally number 1, but far and away the best defense in the league. Denver had only faced a defense that good 1 time in ’13 and they lost that game too. Coincidently, it was against Seattle in the pre season. Oh I know, pre-season doesn’t count. But still, manning played that entire game, and got trounced. The problem is that saying number 1 doesn’t mean much. Seattle’s defense only allowed 14 pts average all season, how does that stack up to the defenses that Denver faced all season? How many points has Seattle’s offense scored per game? How many points has Denver allowed per game?
      Knowing Manning’s play calls at the line? Go silent count….go no huddle (seattle struggles with that.) Seattle was beaten three times this season, all three times by teams that were much better than denver. Twice by NFC west teams, any team in that division would have beaten Denver, and once by Indy, a team that did beat them as well. See, all the experts believed their own hype, and didn’t look at the match up. Seattle was going to win that game, because they had an easier game to play than denver did. Seattle had a top 10 offense, Denver had a 19 rated defense. Seattle was going to destroy them from the start. Meanwhile Denver had to face thedefense in the league. Seattle only had to play a good game, Denver had to play a perfect game.

      • Ivan

        You do not have to get so defensive, I am simply stating the fact, to me it is cheating and the fact that Sherman stated he got help from other people outside the Seahawk organization. If you want to win and feel like you have won then tell Richard Sherman to quit giving interviews he starts all the controversy, he likes rubbing salt in the wounds and to me if they did in fact get outside help that is cheating!

    • J.M. Nicholas

      It’s a debatable topic, and that was kind of the point to the article. Seattle obviously found something to what Manning was doing offensively, and Manning may have benefited from speaking to other teams who had more experience with the Legion of Boom defense. Not necessarily stealing signals, but getting info on tendencies. I think everyone was shocked to see how unprepared Denver seemed, after two weeks of prep time.

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