When It All Goes Down, Peyton Manning Is the Greatest Quarterback in NFL History


It's not hard to say that Manning is the greatest quarterback ever. Easily the greatest of his generation, no doubt.

It’s pretty simple to say that Peyton Manning is the greatest quarterback in NFL history. Many have complained multiple times that guys like Joe Montana, Tom Brady, and even Ben Roethlisberger are better than No. 18. Uhm, okay, whatever. Let me point out a few things to you guys.

Take Them Away From Their Teams

First of all, we have all witnessed what has happened if you take away Tom Brady away from the New England Patriots. Matt Cassel stepped up and led the Pats to an 11-5 record. Now if you tell me Brady is better than Manning one more time, I’d laugh hysterically. You may point out that Brady has more Super Bowl rings. Alright, we will get to that later in this article.

If you looked at clips of the San Francisco 49ers, they were pretty darn good. If you take away Joe Montana, they still have guys like Dwight Clark, Roger Craig, and of course Jerry Rice on the squad. They would at least finish something like 9-7 or something like that.

We have all witnessed what has happened when Ben Roetlisberger was gone. Multiple times actually. This proves the Pittsburgh Steelers are stacked. This season, when Big Ben was gone for four games, the Steelers finished 3-1. With Ben back, they currently stand at 5-2. The Steelers would at least finish 11-5 without Roethlisberger.

Then there is Peyton Manning. We have seen many times of what has happened when Manning is gone when you see towards the end of the season, or the pre-season. Curtis Painter? Haha! The Colts were 14-0 and benched Manning for 3/4 of the last two games of the season against mostly against the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills, the Colts were terrible. Manning wasn’t there. This also lowers the morale of the defense, too. The Colts would easily finish something like 2-14 or 3-13 without Manning.

Supporting Cast

Many have said that Manning has had a great supporting cast. To start off, the defense Manning has had to put up with would frustrate a lot of quarterbacks. Have you ever seen the 2006-07 Super Bowl champion Colts? Manning finished with 31 touchdowns and nine interceptions, but the big thing was that the Colts had the worst rushing defense in the league. Everyone said the Colts will not make it to the Super Bowl, or even past the first round of the playoffs. The defense, along with Manning especially, stepped up and won the whole thing. If you tell me that the supporting cast of the defense was great, you must really be out of your mind. With a defense the Colts have right now this season, they would be 1-6 or something like that. But here they are, still one of the best teams in the league thus far.

But let’s get to the offense. Many would claim that he had Marvin Harrison. Harrison never had a 1,000-yard season until Manning came in and took over. If it weren’t for Manning, Harrison would probably have 600 receptions or something like that. I read Indianapolis Colts’ columnist Ryan Michael’s article about why Manning is the greatest and he pointed out something very staggering.

Take a look at the averages per season Manning has had with his number one and number two receiver:

Indianapolis Colts Receiving Production (1998-2009 annual averages)

No. 1 receiver: 100 receptions for 1,345 yards and 11 touchdowns.

No. 2 receiver: 70 receptions for 862 yards and seven touchdowns.

The number two receiver equals the same amount of statistics David Boston had in 2003 and what Mike Sims-Walker had last season. When you compare Boston’s and Sim-Walkers’ statistics to the number-two receiver, it looks very very similar. So please don’t think Manning has a great receiving cast.

But many would complain the number two receiver had a great year as Michael pointed out in 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2009. Michael made research and removed those season. Now take a look at the average:

Colts No. 2 receiver (1998-2003, 2007-2008)

62 receptions for 721 yards and six touchdowns

That was the production Manning put up with for almost two-thirds of his career, according to Mr. Michael. So did he really have two high all-star caliber receivers? Not necessarily. But when you really look at it, Manning made those receivers great.

Now many would complain for Tom Brady having to make Deion Branch and Reche Caldwell good. Okay, Branch was actually good. He is by far one of the most underrated receivers in the league. Caldwell? Alright, the guy has butterfingers but many credit Brady for giving him 60 catches one season. It’s a 16-game season! You can throw to him as many times as you want. Now if it were in less games like say twelve or so, I would give the credit. But you can’t give an excuse like that. Also, take a look at Brady’s defense he had. In at least every category, they at least ranked in the top ten. Go ahead, look for yourself. Go to profootballreference.com and check.

Then there is Joe Montana. Montana by far had one of the best supporting casts. But he has been one of the bests and I can’t let his supporting cast all the credit. But he had at least ten superstars on his team that you could mention. Maybe even more.

How about Ben Roethlisberger? Come on, the guy had Santonio Holmes, Hines Ward, Heath Miller, Antwan Randel El as big time playmakers on offense. Plus, the big part of the Steelers’ success comes from their defense, which has ranked in top five since Big Ben joined the league. Out of all of these four quarterbacks, Manning had the worst defense.

To fully conclude that Manning made his receivers great, look at what Ryan Michael wrote in the article, comparing Harrison before he met Manning and after he met Manning:

I excluded 2007-2008 because Harrison suffered from a knee injury that essentially ended his career.

He wasn’t himself after that injury; so it didn’t honestly capture the degree of productivity he was capable of when playing healthy.

Marvin Harrison (1996-1997, annual average)

69 receptions for 851 yards and seven touchdowns.

Marvin Harrison (1998-2006, annual average)

102 receptions for 1,379 yards and 12 touchdowns.

The differential is staggering.

That’s an average of 33 receptions, 528 yards, and five touchdowns per-season beyond his career averages prior to playing with Manning.

I’m not saying for a moment that Marvin Harrison wasn’t a phenomenal talent.

I’m simply saying that there are some instances where it’s more about the receiver making the quarterback better and other instances where it’s more about the quarterback making the receiver better; and while both may be applicable to this instance, there was far more of the latter between Manning and Harrison.

From 1998, the Manning-Harrison combo would become the greatest quarterback-to-wide-receiver tandem in NFL history. Then there is Manning and Wayne, who are now right up there and catching up.

Now let’s get to the rushing supporting cast. Manning has had a great set of running backs in his career like Edgerrin James, Dominic Rhodes, and Joseph Addai. Well, first of all, take a look at Manning’s rushing support over the course of his career, thanks to of course Mr. Ryan Michael:

Indianapolis Colts running game (1998-2009)

423 carries for 1,652 yards (3.9) and 14 touchdowns.

Tom Brady has seen better for his career. In fact, in the 2009-10 season, it was way better than Manning’s career average:

New England Patriots running game (2009)

466 carries for 1,921 yards (4.1) and 19 touchdowns.

And we all know how Montana and Big Ben had dealt with with their rushing support, i.e. Jerome Bettis, Roger Craig, Willie Parker (in his prime), etc.

Now how about that offensive line. Yeah, Manning O-Line has been spectacular, haven’t they. Manning has only had two offensive lineman elected to Pro Bowls ever in his career: Tarik Glenn and Jeff Saturday. That is all. Manning has had probably one of the worst offensive line in the past three seasons, but yet, he hasn’t been sacked more than like 15 times! Ben Roethlisberger has no excuse for his O-Line has Manning has put up with the same thing.

Take a look at Montana’s, Brady’s, or even Brett Favre’s O-Line and come back to me.


Many would say Manning is a choke-artist. Before we get to that, let me get this straight, Manning has already passed all of these guys in statistics and none of them will ever catch up to him unless if Brady, Drew Brees, or Roethlisberger average at least 30-40 touchdowns each season. It’s unlikely.

Manning so far ranks in third place in at least each statistical category:

Yards: 52,044, TD-INT Ratio: 379-183, Comp. %: 64.9, Rating: 95.5

Career Wins: Ranks third all-time, MVP’s: 4 (1st)

There we go, that just shows Manning is the best statistical quarterback in NFL history. He has only had two seasons where has thrown less than 4,000 yards in a season. Brady, Montana, and Roethlisberger averaged at least 24 touchdowns per season or something at least close to that.

Manning has been 9-9 in the post-season, but so what? He came out with a Super Bowl, hasn’t he? He’s made a fool of Brady before, hasn’t he? Since the 2005-06 season, Manning has. He first went on a streak to beat the Pats when he beat them 40-21 in 2005-06, then he came back from 21-3 run to beat him in the AFC Championship in 2007, then he came back from a 34-21 in deficit in the final five minutes of regulation to beat him last season.

One Super Bowl ring is all that counts to make Manning the best. People still consider Dan Marino the best quarterback ever due to statistics. How about Brett Favre. Many think he is the best ever and he only has one Super Bowl. If Super Bowls is really all that counts, then Terry Bradshaw, Ken Stabler, and guys like should be in the top five of all-time quarterbacks.

Speaking of Favre, he thinks Manning will in fact break all his records. Manning is already on pace with nearly 200 consecutive starts. At least 100 more, which he can easily do, and he’ll break Favre’s record as he is most likely to miss his first game in since nearly 295 starts due to a huge injury against the Patriots this week.

When it all goes, statistics do matter. It’s not always about wins.

According to Michael, Manning has easily outperformed Brady in the post-season for their careers:

Peyton Manning (Post-Season Career)

435 of 692 (62.9) for 5,164 yards, 28 touchdowns and 19 interceptions.

QB rating: 87.6

Surprising production for a post-season choke artist; but he’s still no Tom Brady…

Tom Brady (Post-Season Career)

395 of 637 (62.0) for 4,108 yards, 28 touchdowns and 15 interceptions.

QB rating: 85.5

Many would complain, however, Brady’s 50-touchdown season. First of all, Brady never had that season before. Nothing close to it. Right? Yes, very true. In fact, Brady did not have Randy Moss, Wes Welker, or Donte Stallworth in 2006 than he had in 2007. And that is how he got all his great statistics. Along with that, he had to actually try and throw a bunch of touchdowns each game. Manning didn’t have to. It only took him like 13 or 14 games to break the record while it took Brady all 16. Right? Right.

Manning is probably the toughest quarterback in NFL history. Montana, Brady, and Roethlisberger have all missed games due to injury. Manning hasn’t. In 2008-09 season, Manning had the worst knee. According to Peter King of Sports Illustrated, Manning’s knee, which he had a couple of surgeries on, look liked a dis-formed brain.

Down 3-4 in the season, Manning led the Colts to a nine-game winning-streak and made the playoffs. Michael reports the stats on that winning-streak:

Peyton Manning (2008: nine-game winning streak)

209 of 290 (72.1) for 2,248 yards, 17 touchdowns and three interceptions.

QB rating: 109.7

Perhaps the highlight of that streak came when he led his Colts to victory over the eventual Super Bowl champion Steelers; in Pittsburgh no less.

A game in which Manning threw three touchdowns to zero interceptions against the league’s No. 1 defense while Ben Roethlisberger (a man whom many considered to be “Mr. Clutch” by the end of the season) threw zero touchdowns to three interceptions against the Colts defense.

Was Manning really “Mr. Clutch” and Roethlisberger the “choke artist”?

Or did it not matter because it was during the wrong month of the calendar?

After all, we know the Steelers don’t give 100 percent of their effort during important home games in Pittsburgh; right?

Still during the course of this winning streak, Manning continued to break NFL records into December…

Peyton Manning (December 2008)

90 of 110 (81.9) for 1,054 yards, eight touchdowns and zero interceptions.

QB rating: 130.8

His 81.9 completion percentage is higher than any quarterback has ever posted during any single month in the 90-year history of the league; and he did all of this under the pressure of knowing that each game had “season-ending” ramifications.

Manning’s 2008 season would give him an MVP award. 2009 would also give him one as well as 2003 and 2004. So he has had two back-to-back MVP award seasons and has totaled up to four. No player in NFL history has had four MVP awards. Doesn’t that also mean he could be the greatest player ever? Let’s go that far, but that proves he is the best QB ever.

Seriously, what more do you want?

Ryan Michael had more in his article:

*Most 300-yard passing games in post-season history (8).

*Most 400-yard passing games in post-season history (2).

*Most passing yards in 1st half of a post-season game (360).

*Most passing yards in a post-season game (458).

*Most post-season games with 20+ completions (14).

*Most post-season games with 30+ completions (4).

*Most completions in a single post-season (97 in 2006).

*One of only two QB’s to complete over 80% of their passes in two post-season games.

*One of only four QB’s to post a perfect QB rating in a post-season game.

*Led the biggest comeback in conference championship game history (Back from 18 points down in 2006 AFC championship game).

Ask all the coaches about Peyton Manning. They say that if any quarterback has spent two weeks with him, they know what the real deal is to be a QB. He has completely crossed the line between coaches and quarterbacks. Simply put it that Manning is the coach of the offense. Montana, Roethlisberger, and Brady all had success from the coach.

Manning made success to his coaches. He has lived with three and has made them all look great from Jim Mora to Tony Dungy and now to Jim Caldwell. Manning calls his own plays, unlike other quarterbacks. He is the most unique, but is best at that.

Manning is easily the most accurate, consistent, productive, statistical, and soon-to-be most winning-est quarterback in NFL history. At 34, he has at least seven-to-eight more years to play. By that time, experts believe he can hit 75,000 career passing yards (some even consider 80!) and over 500 touchdown passes! Or at least 450. But if Favre has been doing pretty good 40, wait until you see Manning.

Manning is the best quarterback right now. If you ever seen his comebacks, which he has a bunch of in his career, he can also be considered the Michael Jordan of the NFL. For the past decade or so, he ranks number one in the NFL as the best player. He is currently the best player in the league, according to experts. And he has been that way for years.

And he will be that way for years to come.


Because he is the greatest quarterback in NFL History!

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  • Tom H.

    “When it all goes, statistics do matter. It’s not always about wins.”
    Really! Huh. No, really? What was it Vince Lombardi said about winning? You have a good time talking statistics while Brady tries to win his fourth superbowl this year. That was an awfully long article and it still failed to convince me that Superbowls don’t matter. Brady has highest regular Season winning percentage, highest playoff winning percentage, fastest QB to a hundred wins, and 4 appearances with three wins in the Superbowl. Thanks for trying out Josh, better luck next year!

    • Chris S

      A big thing that people never bring up too is that Manning played over half his games in a dome. I wonder how good his stats would have been if he had to play most those game with a weather factor.

    • Gary L

      Ha, ha, ha. Whew. That’s great, Josh. I thought “Tricks” were over after Halloween, but evidently you’re still in the spirit… Either that, or you’re way, way early for April 1st. Regardless — as evidenced by every other comment to your silly post — your overly-verbose op-piece runs counter to every other NFL analyst and fan… As for history, maybe you’ve seen the NFL channel’s recent show highlighting whom the “country” (based upon polls of coaches, players, sports-writers, analysts, etc) views as History’s top players… Peyton? Tremendous QB, no doubt, but best? Nah. Not by a long shot. He’s a choker in the post-season. Tom Brady is the best QB in this century by the most important stats credited by everyone but yourself, seemingly… Oh, and to the rest of NFL Nation, the “Rings” do matter… It’s called not only being the best QB, but also the best leader on a game by game basis to bring your players up and to take them all the way… (even with the league’s youngest core, and no “star” players, Brady has helped the Patriots become, thus far, this year’s best). Okay, okay, Josh, so long as you’ve convinced yourself, then I guess your piece was worth the time and effort… Ha, ha. You’d no doubt make a great ad-hack for any politician making a run for it this week… and just as convincing as any of their ads. Funny stuff.

  • Jim

    Ummmmmm……I have read other articles by experts who say Manning doesn’t even belong in the same conversation with Brady and Montana.

    Keep your stats……Tom has 3 rings, pal. Stat that.

  • chaz du nord

    Okay I will agree with you that, on paper, Manning is better than Brady. Luckily for Tom, his coach, and all New England’s fans everywhere, Foot ball is not played on paper. It is played on the ground.

    Quick question “What team had the best stats in the 70s?” I don’t know either. Which team won the most Super Bowls? that would be Pittsburgh. Case closed.

  • George

    “First of all, we have all witnessed what has happened if you take away Tom Brady away from the New England Patriots. Matt Cassel stepped up and led the Pats to an 11-5 record. Now if you tell me Brady is better than Manning one more time, I’d laugh hysterically.”

    Horrendous logic. The Pats had an incredibly easy schedule in 2008 and didn’t make the playoffs. With Brady, they’ve missed the playoffs once (2002), won 3 Superbowls and were minutes away from a perfect season. Also notice Cassel didn’t throw for nearly 50 TDs and had the same WRs that Brady had.

    The problem with stats of course, is that they don’t paint the whole picture. Manning is amazing during the regular season…but is 9-9 in the postseason. Maybe you should ask Manning himself whether he’d rather have the statistical glory or more rings.

    • John

      Very good point George… you’re right on with that comment

      • John

        By the way George, that was sarcasm if you didn’t catch it….

        It’s the NFL. I don’t care how easy your schedule is, you don’t just win 11 games because the teams you’re playing are horrible. Don’t they give the best teams the previous year the hardest schedule anyway….

        The Patriots, key word patriots (team) won eleven games. The Patriots have always won games via a team effort. That’s why they were the team of the decade. They had the whole package and the greatest coach of all time. Brady is an intrical piece to the puzzle and the pats would have won 12, 13,14…games if he played that season. Doesn’t take away the fact that a backup, with limited COLLEGE experience won 11 games in the NFL. Take Manning out for a season and the Colts have a top 5 draft pick the next year.

        Manning is more important to the COLTS than Brady is to the PATS… You’ll argue it, but I can’t agree….But I don’t know why were debating. I mean Bradshaw has to be the greatest of all time. He has four rings. And Trent Dilfer and Jeff Hostletler must be on par with Manning and Farve.

        • Josh Dhani

          THANK YOU JOHN!

          • George

            I don’t think anything you said is actually in conflict with what I said. Maybe you’re right, and Manning is more important to the Colts than Brady is to the Pats, but I’m arguing that simply because Belichick and the Pats can be good without Brady doesn’t mean Brady isn’t deserving of the elite status he shares with Manning and Brees. With Brady, they’re Superbowl contenders; without Brady, they’re at the top of the middle class.

  • John

    I think you are right on with the stats. Manning is great. He probably will have every Quaterback record ever if he wants them. But I think the article really needs to concentrate more on the success of the other side of the ball….the defense.

    Football is a team sport. No way around it. The defense is just as important as the offense if not more important. Look at Pittsburg this year. Or look at the Ravens several years ago when they won the Super Bowl. It’s a fact that generally you need a good defense to have double digit wins year end and year out.

    I’m not positive but I’m pretty sure that the Colts strategy has always been to design their defense on the assumption the colts will have the lead. It’s designed to allow their ends to rush the Qb as they opposing team needs to pass to catch up. Otherwise, their ability to play heads up when the offense doesn’t perform is a long shot.

    Think what this does to Peyton. Think about the pressure he has to score on almost every possession. For example look at the Miami game last year. Manning had x amount possessions and about 15 minutes of possession time to beat Miami whom ran all over them. This happens almost every game. Not that dramatic but Manning only has so many possessions to score because the only way to beat the Colts is to keep Manning off the field. New Orleans did in the Super Bowl and won. They had to pull out all the stunts to do it too.

    Look at the annual amount of possessions the colts have. I have never looked at them but I’m sure their near the bottom of the league in total possessions. I think this is a major stat when measuring the greatness of the Qb. It can’t be overlooked.

    But the bottom line is to win a game (Super Bowl) you need both sides of the ball play well. But for Manning, he has never been able to rely on that other side….I’m pretty sure Brady has.

    • Dave

      I agree with George here.

      You used Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers being stacked. That isn’t correct. The Steelers have been stacked so far on defense this season. Their 7 turnovers on defense got the win over the Titans. Their running game go them a win against Altanta and the run defense of Baltimore proved too much for Pittsburgh total offense.

      Until Ben’s return, the Steelers ranked last, dead last in total offense and passing offense. Any ninny can hand the ball off.

      Nice try but your logic is failed in this argument. Besides Peyton chokes when it counts.

    • Josh Dhani

      I agree John

  • ben7735

    Manning’s career passer rating is two percentage points better than Brady’s (95.5 for Manning, 93.5 for Brady). If the author values two percentage points more than he does two championships, that’s his prerogative. But I doubt most fans, other than those pursuing a preconceived argument, would feel the same way.

  • Tom H.

    In the end, I guess what Josh is saying is that it is far more important to be in the Pro Bowl than the super bowl…….right?

  • Pete

    Josh, back when you were just gleam in your daddy’s eye, there were men playing on limited rules. The quarterback was fair game. If ALL quarterbacks played by the same rules that protect the quarterbacks today maybe you would see different numbers. Payton is a good quarterback, not doubt! Notice I didn’t say “GREAT” and that’s because when you are pampered and play in dome, well, you get the point. One more thing is that I agree with another poster here about Payton losing his cool when his team starts breaking down. That’s why they lose so much during post season play. During the regular schedule you get a shot at every team, but in the playoffs you only see great defenses and I would say Brady does a much better job leading his team through the playoffs then does Payton. One more thing. If you aren’t playing for the Superbowl, what’s the point!

  • Steelernation

    Sorry Josh, but you have football all wrong. This isn’t baseball! This is a real team effort by a group of great players. Everyone here talks about the quarterback, receiver and running back as if they were the real play makers. If it wasn’t for their respective linemen, then none of these guys would be putting up any numbers.

    This also reminds me of another comparison back in the day. Both Dan Marino and John Elway were drafted in 1983. One went on to put his numbers in the books, but no Superbowl’s. The other fought and kicked his way in the record books, not by high stats but for his gut wrenching style of play and no lose attitude. He is remembered for his last minute comebacks which most say reminds them of the great Joe Montana. You see Josh, no real football fan remembers the numbers, but they do remember the great play, the great comeback and the great drive made by a team with a great leader. If you think Payton is that guy, then your are sadly misplaced as a fan of football. As long as Payton stays in his pocket, his line holds and his receivers find the ball, he will continue to put up his numbers. But to this day, I cannot recall one great play this man has done to get my attention as a football fan.

    Who will you remember in twenty years!

  • John

    Stellernation, what are you talking about staying in the pocket. Didn’t you see that tremendous 7 yard gallop for the first down last night. Or that mind boggling block he threw on that Garcon 18 yard catch an run. He showed his 4.3 speed and hulkamanian strength…haha

    But seriously, Elway? He lost the first 3 super bowl he was in and didn’t perform so well in them. The truth of the matter is he didn’t win until he paired up with Terrell Davis and his fabulous run game. In reality, Manning didn’t win until his D finally showed up during the Super Bowl run. If they didn’t show up then they probably would have been bounced from the playoffs. The D cost them last years title. They were horrible against the run and Freeney was playing on one foot…

    And for his line. Who besides Tarik Glenn and Jeff Saturday have made pro bowls….I believe the answer is around zero. Manning doesn’t get sacked because he gets rid of the ball before he gets crushed. What the hell do you think he is doing the whole time before he snaps the ball. He is reading where the blitz is coming from. His dad, who got killed as a Saint told him, before anything get rid of the ball. It’s the most important thing you can do.

    The point of all this is a Super Bowl run takes more than one person. Comparing Manning and Brady on the amount of titles they won is not the most valid way to do it.

    An honestly, you think people will forget about Manning in 20 years… Seriously? Really? He’ll probably be commish of the league by then

    • Josh Dhani

      John, you took the words right out of my mouth, lol. Nobody notices that Brady’s Super Bowls were a team effort, not just his. Nobody took that from my article. They just say Brady did everything. He barely had 140 yards passing in the team’s first Super Bowl victory! He got huge help from his defense and running game.

    • Steelernation

      Spoken like a real Colts fan(s)! Get out of your fish tank John and stop over hyping an already over-hyped player!

      • John

        Speaking like an ignorant what I am assuming is a Steeler fan?

        Your fish tank analogy. I’m assuming that’s in reference to the city of Indianapolis. Hmmm, didn’t know Pittsburgh was such a thriving metropolis.

        Get a clue big guy. Your supporting Brady because the Steelers have had two QBs with multiple titles. I wonder where your chips would fall in defending “title-less” or one title QBs (rhetorical question…here is a link for the definition http://grammar.about.com/od/rs/g/rhetquesterm.htm). How is your opinion not biased (actual question)?

        I will admit though. The Steelers put some strong teams on the field. I’m willing to bet you could win 5-6 games even if you didn’t have an offense. I bet that would be nice to have a defense like that.

        • Steelernation

          I guess that makes the Steelers the enigma based on both Josh’s and your rules to making great teams/players. We have great teams and yet not one of our players stand out as the greatest in any of their positions. That’s exactly why we manage to put great teams on the field year in year out. Tell me, how many great Colt teams have there been outside of Payton’s era? Exactly. Please, don’t call people ignorant because they refuse to abide by your sense of reasoning. By the Way, we have a dynasty here, you only have a quarterback.

    • Tom H.

      Manning won’t be forgotten in twenty years, he will be doing commercials and announcing Monday Night Football. Brady will be remembered as the guy who came out of nowhere after Bledsoe got pummeled, and led one of the best runs in NFL History. He will be remembered not for being the most prolific passer but for his recognition early in his career that it is a team game, and not making it all about him and his statistics. And more than anything, he will be remembered for his abilty to make his desire to win transcend his team and make ordinary players an extraordinary team that won three Superbowls in four years and were minutes away from a forth when that helmet caught the ball. Undoubtedly Manning is a Hall of Famer, but Brady is the stuff of legend.

      • Josh Dhani

        Okay, so you will see that. What will Manning be remembered for then?

        • Tom H.

          One SuperBowl win and prolific passer, tv commericals and choked in a lot of big games.

          • Josh Dhani

            @ Tom

            Haha wow. Like anyone is going to go with that (except maybe Pats fans).

      • John

        You are right, Brady is a team player. He did everything for the good of the team. HE was a great quaterback.

        John Unitas is legendary, Jim Brown is legendary, Lawrence Taylor is legendary. Bill Bellichek will be legendary. All them have one thing in common They all transformed the game.

        Brady, I mean the patriots won three superbowls in four years. Brady was great. He carried out the plays, threw the appropriate screen passes, and gave his a chance to win the game. He did his job. Just like every other player did including adam vinaterri. To my point, he did nothing legendary. He simply did his job.

        In 20 years when people describe Brady they’ll say one thing;”Brady is a winner”. That is a damn good compliment. But Brady didn’t transform his position or win those championships by himself. Brady is a great quaterback, but not a legend.

        Get the point of the article written. Josh talks about how Manning will go down as the greatest qb ever. Manning has fundamentally changed his position forever. He has cut the link from player to coach. He is literally the offensive coordinator. No quaterback has ever been like him. Before you guys start saying, “well he hasn’t won”. The guy has won. He has won alot. But the point of the article this is about a single position. Manning has played the qb position better than Brady. Superbowl championship rings are won by teams. It is a very important factor win determining the greatest qb ever, but it is more of a team debate.

        we’ll debate forever, but the qb position is a position. It’s played by one person. I think Manning has played it better than Brady. Brady is great, but he is not better than Manning.

        • Josh Dhani

          Look at all the experts. Steve Young, who is a Hall-of-Famer says Manning is the greatest quarterback of his generation currently the best right now for this season. Are you denying what this Hall-of-Famer said? I mean all these commenters are somehow telling me like, “Well this hall-of-famer said that…” Well, Young said this. I bet a bunch of other Hall-of-Famers would agree. Manning has revolutionized the QB position. Brady got this from his coach. Many already rank Manning behind Montana as the greatest QB’s ever.

          Oh yeah, have you guys seen NFL Network’s 100 Greatest Players ever series? The last ten players will be announced on Thursday night. Manning hasn’t been announced yet. He will in the top ten. Brady already ranks at 21.

          See, many of the NFL agrees Manning is better than Brady. Plus, Marino and Elway rank behind Brady. There you go, Manning is better than Brady, case closed.

  • http://aol Brian

    Listen, how can you claim Manning is no. 1 and then blame other multible SB winning teams for their depth of talent other than QB?

    Even if I give Manning the undisputed “best” title, I’m more content with my 6 SB wins in the ‘burgh.

    I feel Manning has had the most talented and softest handed receivers in the game the last 6 or 7 years. I have never seen more acrobatic one handed catches from a bunch of receivers on one team in my 37 year football history.

    This discussion/debate will never end because all of us fans are team biased. I don’t think Bradshaw or Ben are even close to the best…. I will confidentley say they are best in high pressure clutch games, along with Elway, Montana, and Brady.

    • John

      Your right. Everybody is biased and there will never be a unanimous answer. I think it’s obvious you would take 6 superbowl titles before having the best qb of all time. I would.

      In terms of talent, my major point is that superbowls are won because both sides of the ball are talented groups. Manning, unlike the other Qbs being debated has never had a superbowl caliber D. He just hasn’t. Don’t you think we should take that in consideration? That’s why I’m focusing on the play more than the total amount if titles won. Put it this way, is Troy Aikman better that Brett Farve? I would take Farve.

      Manning hasn’t been horrible in big games. He just hasn’t been Manning.

      • Josh Dhani

        Well said. Why can’t anyone just look at this logic?

        All those guys had great defenses. Manning didn’t. Please agree with me on this, because you know it’s true.

  • John Doe

    forgot one major factor here. Peyton played in a temperature & climate controlled dome his entire career. Give him HOF weapons to throw to over the course of his career as well and of course obviously his stats will look much better than anyone else’s. He’s a heck of a QB for certain can’t deny him of that, but he is not the best in NFL history (enough with drinking the Manning kool-aid). Personally, as the team caption, I don’t like the way he throws his teammates under the bus when they lose and I can’t stand his stupid commercials.

  • Seth

    Manning is probably the most talented QB of all time (coming from a Patriots fan) but I’d still take Brady, because he is a winner. I know Manning has had a lot of comebacks and 4th quarter drives, but when he had the chance in the Super Bowl, he threw a pick 6. Football is a team game, I’m not one to try and argue that “our” QB is better than yours, because I just don’t care. Our team is better than yours. That’s what I do care about. Why is it that we as fans are so obsessed with QBs when there is a defense right there to watch too. The Patriots 2003, and 2004 defenses were my favorite piece of any team I’ve ever witnessed. So many clutch plays, and great players. The Glory Days.

    And as for your comment about wide receivers, if you think Deion Branch is under rated, then you need to call your doctor about your medication, because he is one of the more over rated wide receivers to play the game. Look at what he did in Seattle, and the contract he played for there. Look at receivers like Givens, and Caldwell who put up good numbers in New England, then disappeared. Manning has had the better receivers, not that it really matters. (When Brady did have good receivers, he threw 50 TDs… Manning-like numbers)

    • John

      Totally agree with your first paragraph. It’s all what you value. Patriots were the team of the decade. I think that is pretty concrete. They were a team in the literal sense. I hated their D…

      Only difference on the drive…Brady had to drive for game-winning field goal attempts. Manning to tie the game while leaving to little time for the saints to kick a game-winning fg. He always has to worry about the D. It’s why he takes the play clock down to zero almost every play.

  • John

    I totally agree with your first paragraph. It’s all about what you value. The Pats were the team of the decade and I don’t think anybody can deny that.

    ….One thing about the drive. Brady lead his team to set up game winning field-goals. Manning had to score a td and do it in a way that allowed for no time on the clock for the saints to score and win. He always has to do that. He always has to worry about his D. It’s why he takes every second on the play clock before running a play.

    Non-the-less, Manning is a great football player

    • Josh Dhani

      Yep. And Ray Lewis, along with tons of NFL experts put Manning 13 slots over Brady on the Top 100 NFL Players. Manning was ranked eighth while Brady is 21st.

  • Tom H.

    I know, I know, Manning is still better, right? In the wins don’t matter it is about statisics world maybe that’s true. But yesterday’s W was great. How many interceptions did Manning throw?

    • Josh Dhani

      He’s still better. Foolish of you to judge someone off of one game.

      • Tom H.

        With the exception of when it matters.