Colts v. Panthers Recap

Ugh.  Preseason overtime.  That was painful.  It’s too bad the Panthers have a trio of special teams incompetence.  The longsnapper, holder, and John Kasay the kicker all helped make the game go on for ten minutes too long.

I was impressed by the Colts defense in the second half.  They really helped stop the run and didn’t give Basanez and Ricard any opportunities to make a big pass.  The secondary was pretty good.  Condren, Silva, and Ratliff all played well when they got in.

Where was Sam Giguere?  I have no idea what is going on with him.  I really like him, and so does Clyde Christiensen.  I hope he makes the practice squad.  I really want to see him get some game action.  Does anyone know what is going on with him?

This just in: We have frickin’ awesome wide receivers.  Every wide receiver on our roster has impressed me at some point.

This QB thing is getting complicated.  First Gray looks awesome.  Now Lorenzen looks awesome.  I doubt Sorgi will make the roster after this awful performance.  That was embarrassing.

Marcus Howard also didn’t play much.  It was easy to tell that there was less of a pass rush without him and Curtis Johnson.

The special teams has gotten a lot better on both sides.  TJ Rushing is looking great, and the coverage team is getting to the returner and not giving him any space.

Tony Ugoh looked especially weak with the fast ends.  That may just be because it’s the preseason, but I would want to see more out of him.

The rookie offensive linemen looked like veterans again today.  Polian has been getting better and better at drafting.

Here are my top 3 players:

3. TJ Rushing: Rushing was amazing returning tonight.  Kasay was kicking them far into the endzone, but Rushing had no trouble getting them to the 40 yard line.  The blocking did help, but Rushing showed some explosiveness.  I’m starting to get less and less worried about the Colts’ special teams.

2. Jared Lorenzen: A week after looking terrible on national TV, Lorenzen looked like a Big Beautiful Quarterback instead of a Bulky and Bad Quarterback.  He went 12 for 23 and threw two touchdowns, the only Colts touchdowns of the day.  The backup QB spot will be a hard fought battle.  Well, maybe not from Sorgi.

1. Jacob Tamme: We didn’t see a lot of him in the Hall of Fame Game, but it was impossible not to notice him today.  He was Jared Lorenzen’s favorite target.  They hooked up for two touchdowns, and Tamme made some great catches, including a diving catch on 3rd and 17 that resulted in a first down.  The depth at tight end looks great now with Tamme, Gijon Robinson, and Tom Santi all behind Dallas Clark.  Santi’s injury was very bad for him.  He may not see too much of the field this year.

And without further ado, here is the updated roster prediction:

#18 Peyton Manning
#5 Quinn Gray
#13 Jared Lorenzen

#29 Joseph Addai
#38 Dominic Rhodes
#32 Mike Hart

#47 Gijon Robinson

#87 Reggie Wayne
#88 Marvin Harrison
#11 Anthony Gonzalez
#83 Roy Hall
#85 Pierre Garcon

#44 Dallas Clark
#84 Jacob Tamme
#86 Tom Santi

#67 Tony Ugoh
#76 Dan Federkiel

#65 Ryan Lilja
#61 Jamey Richard

#63 Jeff Saturday
#53 Steve Justice

#78 Mike Pollak
#74 Charlie Johnson

#71 Ryan Diem
#75 Michael Toudouze

#79 Raheem Brock
#98 Robert Mathis
#90 Jeff Charleston

#93 Dwight Freeney
#92 Marcus Howard
#60 Curtis Johnson

#96 Keyunta Dawson
#68 Eric Foster

#99 Ed Johnson
#95 Darrell Reid

#55 Clint Session
#56 Tyjuan Hagler

#58 Gary Brackett
#50 Philip Wheeler

#54 Freddie Keiaho
#49 Jordan Senn

#28 Marlin Jackson
#26 Kelvin Hayden
#20 Dante Hughes
#23 Tim Jennings
#34 TJ Rushing

#41 Antoine Bethea
#43 Matt Giordano

#21 Bob Sanders
#42 Brannon Condren

#4 Adam Vinatieri

#17 Hunter Smith

#48 Justin Snow

DB Michael Coe

Practice Squad
RB Chad Simpson
WR Sam Giguere
WR Onrea Jones
OL Darren Marquez
DL Collin Ferrell
DL Ben Ishola
LB Victor Worsley
DB Jamie Silva

10 To Keep In Touch With
RB Clifton Dawson
WR Devin Aromashodu
WR Courtney Roby
OL Corey Hilliard
DL Joe Bradley
DL Josh Thomas
LB Ramon Guzman
LB Kyle Shotwell
DB Melvin Bullit
DB Keiwan Ratliff

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  • Matt

    I hope the final roster looks like this.  How likely is it that we’ll be able to keep guys like Simpson and Onrea Jones on the practice squad?  I’m still not convinced they’ll break up with Sorgi.  Do you know why Darrel Reid was lining up as a tight end and fullback in practice on Thursday?  Is this typical practice squad stuff, or is he looking to get some plays in with the offense this year?

  • Sam

    I think it will be easy to keep Jones and Simpson on the practice squad.  Simpson is an undrafted free agent and Jones is a no name.

    I hope they get rid of Sorgi.  We need a change at backup.  The Pillsbury Throwboy and Gray have looked way better than him.  Keeping him would be foolish.

    Reid will be used like Klecko was in 2006.  He will be a goal line fullback/H-back.

  • Bullard47

    My only concern with your roster update is placing Jordan Senn on the 53-man, and Worsely on the practice squad over Kyle Shotwell.  Number of tackles does not always equal level of play for a linebacker.  It just means that you were able to tackle the ball carrier eventually and other guys weren’t.  If you are allowing 7 yard runs and 10 yards of YAC on receptions, I don’t care if you have 15 tackles a game, every game.  To make a play on defense means to make sure that the offense does not accomplish what they need to consider the play “successful”.  This might mean a first down or even just 5 yards on a 1st down rush.  Football Outsiders I believe is working on a metric to help distinguish the true value of a defensive stop.

    I believe from what I saw that Shotwell, especially with more time in the system, will have more real value per play than Senn(who no doubt finds his way to the football).  He has unique measurables, but played against much lesser competition.  It will take time for him to get adjusted to the game speed at the pro level, and time for him to adjust to our defensive system, but he should look good in a week or two if he gets the reps he needs.