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The Colts lost by 14 to the Washington Redskins.  If this was October, that would be a major problem.  However, in October with 4 All-Pro players missing, this was a great game.  The Colts were tied going into the fourth quarter with mostly backups playing the entire game.  Some players really stood out.  Here are my top 10 players from the game.

10. Roy Hall, WR: Hall was very good last night.  He gained a fair amount of yards on the screen pass, and he caught a tough pass after it hit off of his hands.  They didn’t test him on deep plays, so we still don’t know how good his receiver skills are.  However, as a 4th receiver, he’s more than qualified.

9. Eric Foster, DT: Quinn who?  Foster had the Freeney spin and gave the Colts a good pass rush even though it didn’t result in incompletions.  The linebackers were pretty weak.  Foster is a good pass rushing defensive tackle.  This team will get a lot of sacks.

8. Marcus Howard, DE: Sometimes 40 times don’t lie.  Marcus Howard is extremely fast.  He was blowing by the tackles and getting into the backfield.  He was giving Todd Collins hell all night long.  The play that stands out the most for me was his sack when he was being held.  He is small, but he has good strength.  He definitely will get playing time this year.  I don’t consider him a project.  He’s ready to take the league by storm.

7. Brannon Condren, S: I didn’t know much about him.  I knew he was pretty good at special teams, but as a safety, I assumed that he wasn’t a big hitter and more of a ball-hawking safety.  I was wrong.  He was hitting hard last night.  He played like Matt Giordano, which is good for a player that will be a special teamer.

6. Gijon Robinson, TE: Robinson’s first catch made my jaw drop.  Sorgi was looking to sacrifice him by throwing the ball over his head, but Robinson made the leap and held onto the ball even though a safety clocked him.  He had 3 other catches that resulted in a fair amount of yards.  I see him making the roster as well.

5. Pierre Garcon, WR: Garcon was the most impressive receiver to me.  Whenever a pass was off target, he was able to adjust and get a hand on it.  He was running his routes perfectly.  He impressed me on special teams as well.  On his only kick return, he got it to midfield, and if he would have tried to get pass the kicker, he could have scored.

4. Jamey Richard, C: Sure, he had that bad snap, but he had the bad luck of the Colts being inside their own 10 when he made that snap.  If that was at midfield, Gray would have picked it up and threw it away.  After that, Richard became unstoppable.  He was pancaking defensive tackle, lead blocking for Mike Hart, and giving The Hefty Lefty time to make a crappy throw.  This was a great 7th round pick.

3. Jordan Senn, LB: I haven’t heard people talk about him, but he was great.  It seemed like he was involved on every tackle no matter where the ball was.  He definitely has the speed that the Tampa-2 requires.  Right now, I’d say he is a practice squad player, but that can change very quickly.

2. Quinn Gray, QB: Gray locked up the backup QB spot so far.  It would take a collapse of epic proportions to make him lose the job.  He can scramble.  He’s got a great arm.  When he scrambles, he is able to throw an accurate pass, which gave us around 80 yards that we would have lost if Lorenzen or Sorgi was throwing on the run, which would have been an incompletion or thrown away.  Gray looked better than a few starting QBs in this league.

1. Mike Hart, RB: There isn’t enough to say about this guy.  He proved why 40 times are useless.  He looked faster than any other Colts back out there.  He fought for the extra yards, which is huge for a back that will be used in short yardage situations.  The play where he lost his helmet but still gained another 3 yards showed why he will make this team.  He’s like a stronger and faster James Mungro.

All of these guys minus Senn will make the roster, and all but Gray will be in the rotation.  Here are some players that did not impress.

Jared Lorenzen aka The Hefty Lefty and The Pillsbury Throwboy, QB: Not only does he look like a lineman or competitive eater, he throws like one.  He was double clutching and shotputting his throws.  This guy should stick to the donuts and leave football alone.  He is not an NFL QB.  Plain and simple.  Good thing Eli Manning never got hurt or else the Patriots would have been 19-0.

Clifton Dawson, RB: Mike Hart is better in pads, and Dawson is better on the practice field.  Dawson went down after the first hit, and he didn’t have a reception.  He’s got a Havard degree.  He’ll be better off as a lawyer than a backup running back.

Freddie Keiaho, Victor Worsley, and Brandon Archer: Worsley and Archer aren’t anything special, but the starting WILL linebacker being so bad in pass coverage is concerning.  He needs to improve or else we could see Philip Wheeler or Clint Session playing on the weak side.

So with all of this, here is the updated roster.  I love making these.

#18 Peyton Manning: Obviously.
#5 Quinn Gray: After this game, I am more confindent in our backup QB than ever.

#29 Joseph Addai: Obvious again.
#38 Dominic Rhodes: He had some great runs last night.
#32 Mike Hart: Even though he is a Michigan grad, I can’t get enough of this guy.

#87 Reggie Wayne: Shocker, I know
#88 Marvin Harrison: Duh
#11 Anthony Gonzalez: Not a lot of second year former first round picks get cut
#83 Roy Hall: Amazing potential
#85 Pierre Garcon: Division III needs some love too.
#80 Devin Aromashodu: He played pretty well last night.

#44 Dallas Clark: A few years ago, Austin Croshere wore number 44 for the Pacers.  Indianapolis had two white guys named after cities in Texas wearing number 44.
#47 Gijon Robinson: The stumpy H-back was impressive last night.
#84 Jacob Tamme: Tamme is bigger than I thought he was.  I want to see him get some throws from Gray and Sorgi, not BBQ (Bad & Bulky Quarterback, not Big & Beautiful).
#86 Tom Santi: Santi should make the roster even though he is hurt.

#67 Tony Ugoh: Underrated tackle.
#76 Dan Federkiel: The only Canuck on the team on this roster prediction.

#65 Ryan Lilja: Underrated guard.
#53 Steve Justice: I didn’t notice him last night.

#63 Jeff Saturday: The Indy Star did a piece on future Colts Hall of Famers, and Saturday wasn’t mentioned even though players like Bob Sanders and Dwight Freeney were.  Saturday has been just as dominant as any current modern-era centers.
#61 Jamey Richard: Richard was great last night.  He’s very, very fast, and the bad snap was a major fluke.

#78 Mike Pollak: Pollak played well last night.
#74 Charlie Johnson: A “Meh”-worthy performance last night.  Didn’t see anything great out of him.

#71 Ryan Diem: Often goes unnoticed, but I notice when he isn’t playing.
#75 Michael Toudouze: We’ve got some depth at offensive line.  Toudouze is good for a backup right tackle.

#79 Raheem Brock: He had some good pass rushing last night.  He will play UT on passing situations.
#98 Robert Mathis: I prefer him as a pass rush specialist.  His best seasons were behind Brock.
#60 Curtis Johnson: Johnson surprised me last night with some good run defense.

#93 Dwight Freeney: If you don’t double team him, he will get a sack.  It’s as simple as that.
#92 Marcus Howard: I shall call him “Mini-Freeney”.
#90 Jeff Charleston: Josh Thomas is still as slow as hell.

#99 Ed Johnson: Big Eddy didn’t see too many snaps last night, but he is the best run-stopping player on this team.
#95 Darrell Reid: Special teamer who may see some time at defensive tackle this season.

#96 Keyunta Dawson: The last couple of drafts have been absolutely amazing.  In Polian We Trust.
#68 Eric Foster: He’s been the MVP of training camp so far.  Let’s see if he can carry that momentum into September.

#55 Clint Session: I don’t like him being hurt.  Being a Colts linebacker, you will probably get hurt and not get resigned.
#56 Tyjuan Hagler: Hagler’s injury may have cost him a starting job.

#58 Gary Brackett: He’ll make the Pro Bowl this year.  The snub will motivate him.
#50 Philip Wheeler: Knees are slightly behind the Patriots as the Colts biggest enemy.

#54 Freddie Keiaho: He better improve at pass coverage.
#52 Ramon Guzman: Special teamer.

#28 Marlin Jackson: He can hit and cover well.  Speed isn’t a big factor in the Tampa-2.
#26 Kelvin Hayden: See Marlin Jackson.
#20 Dante Hughes: He dropped because of his 40 time.  40 times are so frickin’ overrated!
#23 Tim Jennings: Jennings has done well enough in training camp to keep this job.
#34 TJ Rushing: Garcon and him will make a great returning duo.

#41 Antoine Bethea: He could make the Pro Bowl the old fashion way (not by being an alternate) this year.
#42 Brannon Condren: He won me over.

#21 Bob Sanders: Bob Sanders likes his New England Patriots the same way he likes his ice.  Crushed.
#43 Matt Giordano: He hits so hard his hair fell out.  Or at least that’s what John Madden says.

#4 Adam Vinatieri: One for the thumb.

#17 Hunter Smith: Being the Colts punter is the easiest job you can have.

#48 Justin Snow: Long snapper needs to become an official position.

Reserve PUP/IR: #25 Michael Coe: Another knee injury…

Practice Squad
RB Chad Simpson
WR Sam Giguere
WR Onrea Jones
OL Darren Marquez
DL Collin Ferrell
LB Jordan Senn
LB Kyle Shotwell
DB Jamie Silva

10 to Keep In Touch With
QB Jim Sorgi
RB Kenton Keith
WR Courtney Roby
OL Corey Hilliard
DL Josh Thomas
DL Joe Bradley
LB Brandon Archer
LB Victor Worsley
DB Melvin Bullitt
DB Keiwan Ratliff

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