A Few Links to Brighten Your Wednesday!

  • Len Pasquerelli is confindent in his opinion that the NFL is luckier and priveleged to have Tony Dungy in the NFL for another year.
  • Coach Ranker at ESPN…Where does Tony rank among fans?
  • This armchair jockstrap is convinced that the Giants don’t stand a chance.
  • The Cowboys might be the smartest team in the NFL going into ’08…but what a price!
  • I’m not buying it, but I’ll post this link about Brady’s “injured” leg.
  • Sure, Peyton defined the term “franchise qb” but Eli wrote a new chapter in New York during the last 3 weeks.
  • Some SB history: 5 Unlikely Super Bowl MVPs.

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  • http://ninernoise.com Drew

    If the Colts were going to blow it, why not choke in the regular season so my niners could get a higher pick than #29?  Wtf?

  • jonathon

    Ha! No kidding. But I wouldn’t be complaining to much…At least your Niners have a First Round pick in the draft.

  • http://ninernoise.com Drew

    I’ll complain all I damn well please….It’s barely a 1st round pick.  And of course we traded away our early 2nd round pick so all we have some crappy end of the 2nd rounder.

  • jonathon

    Aw, I suppose you’re right. I guess the Niners need it waaay more than the Colts. I mean, how long has it been since the Niners have even been in the playoffs. I keed! Haha.

  • http://ninernoise.com drew

    Kid all you want, but it’s some serious frustration.   Personally I think the NFL should have stripped the patriots of whichever pick of theirs was higher when they had their pick taken for spygate.  That or given the 49ers their pick back as punishment to the Pats/reward for the 49ers.    

  • jonathon

    No doubt. I’d have loved to see the NFL actually live up to their "honest nature" and strip that pick from the Pats. I guess that’s just the perks of being an incredible moneymaker…no one gets to be too mean to you, even if you’ve been caught cheating. And, you want to talk about frustration? YOU, a NINERS FAN, want to talk about FRUSTRATION? How many Super Bowls has the NINERS won in their history? Now, think how many the Colts have won…since they moved to Indy. I don’t think you have much room to talk about being frustrated, that is, in the whole scheme of things. The Niners will have their day again, probably about the time the Pats and the Colts stop having theirs. Hang in there.

  • http://ninernoise.com drew

    Ummm the Colts did kind of ditch baltimore….The franchise really shouldn’t have any room to cast any stones…  

  • jonathon

    Okay, what the heck are we talking about now? I didn’t know if you knew this but a franchise is a franchise no matter what city they’re in. Indy fans couldn’t give two craps about a FRANCHISE DECISION. Baltimore and the rest of the country needs to just relax and start blaming the Irsay family for that move. That move had nothing to do with Indy or Indy residents. Cast stones? Who’s casting stones? Geez…I guess the last few crappy Niner seasons has made someone a bit cranky…(Okay, now I casting stones.) Good luck in the draft.

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