STILL According to Plan…Mwahahahaha!

Congrats to the Jags and the Bolts on getting to the 2nd Round of the playoffs. Yeah, I’m a good sport, but this is exactly how I called the playoffs…so far. Here’s what’s coming up this weekend!

Jacksonville Jaguars at New England Patriots
San Diego Chargers
at Indianapolis Colts

I’m stoked how this played out! I’m confident that the Colts can beat the Chargers as we almost won had Vinatieri not missed that field goal. Need I remind you that we played the Pats the week before and that was during our “darkest days” of the season? The Colts were just starting to feel the effects of life without half of their starters and they were still up by 10 against “the best team ever.” They almost beat the Chargers banged up and bruised so they’ll have to work at losing this weekend. Except for LaDanian Tomlinson – arguably, the greatest RB-in-the-making to take a handoff - and a decent Chargers defense, the Colts should win this by the end of the Q3.

This is what we’re looking at now in the AFC:

1. Patriots
2. Colts
3. Steelers
4. Chargers
5. Jaguars
6. Titans

And just for good measure, here’s your NFC playoff picture, so far:

1. Cowboys
2. Packers
3. Seahawks
4. Buccaneers
5. Redskins

6. Giants

I’ll always root for Eli for obvious reasons, but I’m pulling and have been pulling for a Brett Favre Super Bowl appearance (notice I said appearance as I think the Colts will beat them).

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  • Michael

    If we make it to the Superbowl I wouldn’t want to face the Packers.  Not because I think they are dangerous or that we can’t beat them, but I would like to root for Favre in the Superbowl and there is no way I would root for him if we were there.  So I am rooting for the Cowboys and Giants to make it, and it is a long shot for the Giants, but still I believe we are in fact the TOUGHEST team in the league and unless bad things happen we can’t lose. 

  • jonathon

    Ideally, and I hate to push little Manning under the bus like this, but, ideally, the Giants would be our easiest Super Bowl opponent. I’m talking a lot about the Super Bowl, but let it be said that the AFC is the conference to beat and we haven’t even played a single game in the AFC playoffs yet and there are four of the toughest AFC teams left. I’m done getting ahead of myself. We need to beat the Chargers this Sunday, and then we need to beat – hopefully – the Jaguars in the AFC Championship! Then we can talk about the Super Bowl. But, you’re right, Mike…The Colts are no doubt the TOUGHEST team in the league when we’re all healthy! GO COLTS!