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So the Patriots won 16 games…yada, yada, yada…nothing matters until the playoffs. Congratulations to them, but let’s see what their record would be like if they were actually in a competitive division where six games out of their season are against actual opponents and not NFL practice squads like Miami and New York. The second best team in the AFC East is Buffalo and they rank almost as good as the AFC South’s worst team: Houston Texans. You make your own conclusions.

As a matter of fact, what do you think? Do they deserve it? Do they deserve to be ranked with Mercury Morris and Don Shula? Or am I just whining and full of crap?

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  • dan

    Oh yea, have you noticed that 3 from the AFC South are in the playoffs?   And Colts were undefeated against those as long as you realize (and I think everyone does) that the Titans would have been defeated if the starters had played through. Also, what about the cheating?   Doesn’t it seem too convenient that they go undefeated the same year.   They stopped talking about that though a long time ago.   All they can talk about is how great brady and moss and belicheck are.    Whether it was cheating or like you said 6 games being handed to them, I don’t think the season puts them in the greatest.

  • dan

    heh oh yea you did mention the afc south in the playoffs later

  • jonathon

    No doubt…I always give credit where credit’s due, but I’m just not near as impressed with them as everyone else is. They only played MAYBE three games where they had to actually try (Colts, Ravens and Giants). Besides the AFC East and the above three, the teams they played were the Chargers, Bungles, Browns, Cowboys, Redskins, Ick-les and Steelers. Not Super Bowl-bound by any means, except for MAYBE the Bolts and Cowboys…so that’s ANOTHER five games against bad teams upping the total to 11 games where they didn’t really even have to try. The ’07 Patriots are a big threat, but should they win the SB I’m still not impressed. I’m still calling the Colts and Packers, but I’m sure as hell rooting for the Jags on Saturday night! Their running game is killer, especially against a NE defense that couldn’t stop a run if they were given the play prior to the snap.

  • dan

    They might in fact be given the play prior to the snap….  or at least they can read the signals through their binoculars.What do you think about some of the rumor that was going around that their season was rigged in someways by the NFL to support their NFL network goals?   Like perhaps the officials were in on things.   Probably rumor, butI did notice some odd calls from officials in some of the games, they would call some obscure or odd fouls againt the Pats opponents, I cant remember exactly what but I remember it seeming odd – one was like an unsportsmanlike conduct on someone on the bench, which maybe happens more than I realize but seemed odd.  There were some odd ones on the colts too like utecht in the Chargers game… simulating a snap or whatever and then how the booth reviewed the ball spotting and it was like a whole yard different (the officials seemed out to get the Colts there), and then too many people on one side of the kicker a couple weeks ago.    

  • jonathon

    The NFL always seems to have a cash cow every decade or so. In the 70s, it was Pittsburgh; in the 80s, it was San Francisco; in the 90s, Dallas; and now, it’s New England. The Patriots are a good team with a couple of superstars who seem to keep their teammates heads above the water, but the NFL is a business. These superstars and that logo rake in so much money that the NFL has no choice but exploit it. Beauty fades though and the Patriots appeal will too. Any Colts fan wants that classless a-hole of a coach to be exposed, but I just don’t think it’s anything more than a rumor. True the NFL hypes it up and this season has shown some unprecendented network deals and expansions, so there might be something to it. But instead of focusing on discrediting them through conspiracies, I say we just discredit them through beating the tar out of them on their own homefield. Thanks for the comments though!

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