Is Dungy the Coach of the Year?

That’s my question to you all…Does Coach Dungy deserve the Coach of the Year across the board? In fact, go ahead and rank your own TOP 5 Coaches list…

My vote goes something like this:

1. Tony Dungy (Colts) - Yes, so I’m a bit partial here, but not only is he a defensive genius, but he somehow tempered a massively talented young QB into a Super Bowl champion and built an entire defense that could stand tough against the toughest of offenses. This is the Coach of the Year with many more to come!
2. Romeo Crennel (Browns) - Granted, no one truly knows how or why the Browns finally came into the NFL other than something resembling a punching bag, but one thing is for sure: Romeo has created a playoff caliber and, down the line, a potentially Super Bowl-bound team.
3. Bill Belichik (Patriots) - Personally, I think he’s arrogant, rude and hates the world for calling him out on his own mistakes – oh and did I mention that he lacks all sorts of class on the field? – but this man can coach. He knows the game and he knows it very well. He’s also done his own tempering of talented mavericks in south Boston so I grudgingly must give credit where credit’s due.
4. Mike McCarthy (Packers) - Did he have a talk with Brett or did Brett have a talk with him? Something happened in Lambeau during the offseason and it’s making this head coach look like a Frozen Tundra Saint! His true potential will come after Brett retires in 25 years or so, but until then the Packers are hot and, if you ask me, Super Bowl-bound.
5. Wade Phillips (Cowboys) - Yeah, I put Wade Phillips in this lineup. He’s down to No. 5 on the list no matter how good Dallas does, because, technically, he didn’t create this team. Most of these guys were there before he got there and it’s not like they needed much coaching…the talent needed little tempering, just time to coelesce and Wade just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

Let’s hear your answers! Who do you think are the Top 5 coaches in the NFL this year (in order)???

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  • Michael

    Tony Dungy- not just because I am biased towards him, but because he has done the most with the least this year.  Which is odd to say because the Colts never look like the don’t have talented players on the field, but honestly he is winning games with guys who should be on the practice squad, and that says something.Wade Phillips is my number 2 mainly for the reason that I am tired of people saying that Parcells built this team.  I’m sorry but anyone can discover and put together talented athletes, but getting them to play together, and in the right system is a totally different story.  Phillips has been able to do that.Romeo Crennel is next on my list because after the first week every wrote the browns off, and assumed that he had no idea what he was doing, and then BOOM he releases Frye starts Anderson and now they are one Titans loss away from the playoffs.Jack Del Rio this guy gets number 4 on my list despite being a little whiny (insert expletive here) whenever we beat him and the Jaguars, but nonetheless he has done a great job getting his team playoff bound, and quite possible the scariest team to have to face in the playoffs.  I would rather play the Pats then have to face the Jags for a third time this season.Mike Tomlin i flat out HATE the steelers, but this Omar Epps look a like has gotten pittsburgh to believe in him, and even though they have had a couple slip up this season they are still a good team, and dangerous team on the road.  Losing Willie Parker will cost them in the playoffs, but I believe Tomlin is the kind of guy that can make you forget about Willie by the way he will use Davenport. I know you noticed that I didn’t put Mike McCarthy or Bill Bellichek on my list, and this is why.  It doesn’t take coaching to get Brett Favre to play the way he is supposed to be playing.  He has been on fire this year, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t made errant throws, but you can’t credit McCarthy with the success of Green Bay but you can credit Favre and the Defensive Coordinator.  As far as Bellichek goes He doesn’t make my top five because he has no class, and there is only one thing I hate worse than a sore loser and that is a sore winner.  Granted that will probably go 16-0 but that is only because Brady and Moss.   Those are my picks hate it or love it!   

  • jonathon

    I’m not sure I agree with Jack Del Rio being one of the best coaches in the league, although the Jags are probably the scariest team in the NFL right now…I don’t think anyone can doubt that. I’m going to use the same argument you used against Mike Mccarthy though and we’ll see if it flies. You’re Jack Del Rio and you have David Garrard, Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew…Notably the running game, how can a coach control the lethality of certain players on his team short of benching them? If this is your argument, then you’re implying that every head coach is only as good as their players. Is Dungy only as good as Peyton and Marvin and Joseph? Or can you have fantastic coaching trump decent talent?

  • Michael

    Maybe I didn’t explain my argument for Del rio well enough.  The jags have decent talent, but a QB like Garrard does not go through 12 weeks without throwing an interception without good play calling.  Also Jones-Drew and Taylor are ONLY a lethal combination when the two are used together in the right way, which is not something any coach can handle.