New J.O.B. for J.O.?

Pacers Better Without Jermaine O’Neal? (ESPN)Our Pacers beat the Dallas Mavericks last night, winning without “star” forward Jermaine O’Neal. This got me thinking about whether or not the Pacers are better off without O’Neal. So I started reading up and doing some research, and I discovered that the Pacers aren’t much worse without the maxed-out star, especially recently (2-0 without him this year). In my opinion, J.O. has been mislabeled.

He’s a star, a great player, but no superstar. He’s especially not a guy that you design your offensive attack around, as he’s a much better defender than offensive player at this point in his career. I think Jermaine bogs down the offense when he plays, and I think he also demands more touches and shot opportunities than he should because of his contract and name. I honestly think we’d be better off trading him, and that he’d be better off as the second, third or fourth option on a championship contender. He also needs to play for a running team, because I think he’s a little to injury prone to play the bruising back-to-the-basket style that Isiah Thomas and Rick Carlisle had him playing for so many years.

Here are a few of my hypothetical trades:

Dallas Mavericks:

Trade 1 - Dallas (RealGM)

I think this is a pretty good trade as well, but we’d have to get a first-round pick back. Especially with us taking on Erick Dampier, a quality back-up center and not much more. Jason Terry would be a tremendous 40-minutes-a-night combo guard in Jim O’Brien‘s system, plus another pick would really help us out talent wise, and maybe even as future trade bait. The Mavericks know they can’t hang with San Antonio and Phoenix right now. They might not even be able to hang with Utah. O’Neal would take a lot of pressure off the rest of the team defensively, and he’d give the Mavs a guy who could defend guys like Amare, Boozer and Duncan, plus he’d make doubling Dirk Nowitski much more difficult to pull off. This is a trade that makes sense for both teams.

Denver Nuggets:

Trade 2 - Denver (RealGM)

I like this deal for a couple reasons. First off, it makes a lot of sense for the Nuggets. J.O. is just as good of a defender and almost as good of a rebounder as Marcus Camby, and would be a much better third scoring option behind Carmelo Anthony and Allen Iverson. Camby would be a good player for us for the remaining two years of his contract. If this deal went down closer to the deadline, Kareem Rush could be included to help replace J.R. Smith, the real reason we do this trade. Smith is an ideal shooting guard for O’Brien’s system. He’s athletic, he’s long and he can stroke the three. He’d be a great compliment to Danny Granger, Ike Diogu, Mike Dunleavy and Shawne Williams. I think we’d have to get a pick as well, and that could be the sticking point for Denver. Especially with Camby currently thriving, and O’Neal currently banged up.

Los Angeles Lakers:

Trade 3 - L.A. Lakers (RealGM)

We’re all familiar with this one and why it makes sense both ways. No need to explain.

Memphis Grizzlies:

Trade 4 - Memphis (RealGM)

Not sure we could get this one done, but again it makes sense both ways. Pau Gasol is a better fit in Obie’s system, and O’Neal would immediately give a boost to defense and ticket sales, two things the Grizz seem to struggle with. Jamaal Tinsley would also give them a better back-up point guard to help Mike Conley develop. Meanwhile, we’d clear some serious cap space right away and get rid of Tinsley, who’s had more than enough of a shot in Indy.

Those are my trades. If anybody else has any please leave them in the comments!

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  • Bulls Fan

    Wow you Pacers Bloggers must be on drugs.You are right about your assesments of O’Neal, great player, but not elite. The only trade there that the opposing team wold make is the Dallas trade.I mean common Bynum is a top 10 center at 19. The Lakers would take Jason Kid for him last season, and to assume they would put Odom in the trade as well. Wow your dumb.O’Neal for Camby strait up is a bad trade for the Nuggets. They can score tons. They just can’t play defense outside of Camby and while Camby is the defending defensive POY. O’Neal is not in the top 15 at his postion.Talent wise the Memphis trade isn’t a bad idea, but Memphis is a team that said it would take Loul Deng and Kirk Hienrich to aquire Gasol and would not make that trade short of you guys taking out Tinsley and  including Danny Granger which your ownership would never agree to.How about next time you put some actual effort into your article

  • Adam

    First off, if you are going to make a comment and criticize another,
    remember to both edit your comment and come with it. Second, I don’t
    mind your criticism — or any whatsoever — but your response reads
    like the thoughts of a biased rival fan. Jermaine O’Neal, when healthy,
    is easily one of the best defensive bigs in the league. Ask Hollinger,
    ask Ford, ask anybody… O’Neal is much younger than Camby, is actually
    less of a health risk, and he’s a much better offensive option. As for
    the Gasol trade, I lead off noting that I wasn’t sure we could get it
    done. That trade is a starting point for conversation and hypothetical
    trade talk, deal with it. I also think you’re vastly overrating the
    trade values of Bynum, Kidd and Odom. If O’Neal regains his health with
    rest, he will be a very valuable commodity come the trade deadline. Go
    back to pondering what your underachieving Bulls need to do (ahem,
    trade for Kobe).

  • Chris R

    Lakers Get: Jermaine O’neal,  Tyrus Thomas, Luol DengBulls Get: Kobe BryantPacers Get: Andrew Bynum, Ben Wallace, Ben GordonThe Lakers get three good players to build around and get the noose of the Kobe trade demand off their neck.   Kobe gets his ticket punched to Chicago where he wants to play, and the Bulls become a contender in the East.  The Pacers get the rebounding help and bonafide shooting guard that they lack.  It becomes very likley that they are a playoff team in the East.

  • Adam

    I think we’d have to send somebody to the Bulls in this one, but I like it. They’d have to get Williams (no!) or Diogu back. Maybe Troy Murphy and a 2009 first would do?

  • Bulls Fan

    Chris not a bad trade offer, but Kobe said he would veto any trade to the Bulls that sent Loul Deng away. The truth is Chicago can’t make any trade unless they improve every facit of the game. Pacer fans by the way my marks on O’Neal are just of a rival team. The statements I made mostly were to say his value is not high right now, similar to Chicago players. I also want you to understand that no one trades players that are 7ft at 19 and average 11points and 10 rebounds for a 22million dollar player past there prime. I read the other day on I think yahoo about someone wondering if the Pscers would trade O’Neal to NY to Marbury just to be out from his contract a season early. I mean common guys were talking about 29 year old big man who hasnt played over 70 games since 03-04.

  • aaronb

    JO needs to go. However he isnt the only one. The NBA is a league where, its usually easier to take a step back. Before you are able to step forward. Here are 2 trades that need to happen. Making these trades would give the franchise three things.1. Young building blocks for the future2. A better chance to cash in on an Eric Gordon or Derrick Rose in the draft3. Expiring contracts for financial flexibility going forward. As it stands currently. This is an 8th seed, First round casualty team. What possible good is that doing? It’s time to get busy livin, or get busy dieing.

  • Adam

    I didn’t see your second trade (got cut off for some reason), but I don’t like the first one all that much. Why would we take on Vlad’s big ass contract when we already have Dunleavy? I agree with bringing in more young talent, especially in the backcourt, though. Hopefully, we’ll get lucky in the lottery.

  • aaronb

    Ist Trade


    To LAL for

    Kwame Brown expiring deal
    Vlad Radmonovich for salary cap purposes

    2nd trade

    To NYN


    Randolph Morris
    2nd round pick

    Both these deals work out under the cap. Put Indiana in a good chance to get Eric Gordon or Derrick Rose in the draft. Give the franchise ample payroll flexibility to make future moves or extend Granger,S.Williams or whomever

  • Pingback: Tom